Natural Cure for Sciatic Pain

Sciatic pain – what’s making me hurt?

sciatic painThere are four primary causes of sciatic pain - the most common is what’s called Piriformis syndrome.  I know that’s a mouthful, but it’s not really hard to understand.  Let me explain.

Sciatic pain is caused by abnormal pressure on the sciatic nerve.  This could be an abnormal stretching of the nerve or by pressure on the nerve by caused by a muscle imbalance.  The most common cause is when the piriformis muscle (that’s one of the muscles in your buttocks) is contracted and puts pressure on the sciatic nerve.  This results in the pain that you feel in your buttocks and/or down your leg.  This is one of the most common forms of back pain.

How can I stop that sciatic pain now?

The way to stop the sciatic pain caused by the piriformis is to correct the abnormal condition of the piriformis muscle.  If you are in pain now, you want to start with the “short term” solution of stretching out the piriformis muscle.  Properly stretching this muscle will provide short term immediate improvement for the majority of people.  Understand however that stretching the piriformis is simply treating the symptom and not the cause.  For long term relief, you need to understand and treat the cause of the problem with the piriformis.  You need to correct the issue that is causing that muscle to contract abnormally in the first place.  First, let’s look at getting some immediate relief from that pain, then we’ll look at the long term solution.

Simple stretch for sciatic pain relief

This stretch is easy to do and will provide significant sciatic pain relief for most people.  Start by lying on your back on the floor.  Move both feet up towards your buttocks so they are flat on the floor.  Your heels should be somewhere between 8 and 12 inches from your buttocks.  Now lift the affected leg and cross it over the opposite thigh just below the knee.  Your ankle should be just outside and slightly below the opposite knee.  It’s just like when you are sitting in a chair and cross your legs so that one leg is resting on top of the other above the knee.  Now reach one arm between your legs and the other around the outside of the leg still contacting the floor and clasp your fingers together behind the knee of that leg.  Pull and lift that “lower” leg towards your chin.  You should feel a stretch across the buttocks of the leg you have crossed.  maintain the stretch for 10 to 20 seconds.  Repeat three or four times.  Do this stretch several times a day.

Long term cure for sciatic pain

In order to really “cure” your sciatic pain, you need to correct the issue that is causing the problem.  In most cases, this problem is caused by a muscle imbalance that is causing your piriformis to tighten up.  This is a common issue among those who sit for most of the day.  Sitting in front of your computer all day or spending long days behind the wheel of a vehicle will create an imbalance between the muscles on the front of your hips and those on the back.

There are a number of self diagnostic steps as well as appropriate stretches and strengthening exercises that can resolve these issues.

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Back Pain – Why your doctor can’t cure you

I’ve suffered with back pain for most of my adult life.  In an effort to get relief, I’ve seen more doctors and chiropractors than I can count!  Occasionally I would get some relief but the back pain kept coming back.  It wasn’t until just a couple of years ago that I found something that works for me.  Let me tell you a little about what I’ve learned.

What your doctor doesn’t know about your back pain

It seems that there is a “hidden cause” of back pain that most doctors and chiropractors aren’t aware of.  When you think about it, medical professionals typically only treat symptoms.  They seldom look at causes.  Now, they may order x-rays or MRIs to try to determine if there’s a “structural problem,” but often there isn’t one.   The typical “treatment” from a physician is to prescribe rest and/or pain medications.   I have to admit, that are been times when pain medications have been a true God send for the short term, but they do nothing to cure the root cause of the back pain.

I’ve come closer to learning the truth (but not quite all the truth) in consulting with chiropractors.  They focus on the fact that your body and your spine have moved out of their normal position into what is called dysfunctions.  A chiropractor will then make an ” adjustment” to realign your spine.  This can often offer temporary relief.  Unfortunately, that relief seldom lasts.

I began to to wonder why it was that I would continually get ” out of alignment.”  Because the pain kept coming back, I kept doing research.    Eventually I found some information that seem to make sense.   That information talked about something called muscle imbalance.  the basic idea is that if opposing muscles in your body are not in balance then it creates an abnormal pull on your spine.

Muscle Imbalance – How does it cause back pain?

back painHere is a common example – if the muscles on the front side of your pelvis are contracted ( perhaps because you sit a lot at work), and the muscles on the backside are not that strong (again because you sit a lot, and probably don’t work out), that creates a muscle imbalance.   This particular imbalance will have a tendency to pull your pelvis and spine forword into an unnatural position.  as this continues over time, it begins to create pain.  this is just one example of the many types of muscle imbalances that can create back pain.

The more I studied this idea, the more sense it made.  Something had to be causing my spine to go out of alignment and this muscle imbalance thing just seemed to be the most logical cause.  I was pretty sure that pain medications or surgery or chiropractic adjustments were not going to solve the problem.   So now – what to do??

Thankfully, my research led me to an organization that specializes in education and self help for back pain caused by muscle imbalance.  This organization has a website that has a massive collection of free and useful materials.  One thing that I highly recommend is that you get their free book called “7 Day Back Pain Cure.”  You will get more lasting value from this book than from many doctor and chiropractor visits.  Click here to get your free book.